Many Asian parents dream of the day that their kids find a partner, get married, and ultimately have kids to carry on the family name. But what happens when they find out that their kid's partner is of the same sex? What if they find out that their grandchildren is adopted and not related to anyone else in the family? Are they even going to attend their kid's wedding ceremony? Growing up LGBTQ+ in an Asian household is espeically challenging because many Asian cultures have very conservative and traditional family values. In this discussion & activity based workshop, we will explore these challenges together through pieces of media, personal experiences, and even games. We hope that you come out of this workshop with a sense of community and knowing that you're not alone in this fight. Whether you're going through something similar yourself or you know a family member/friend who is struggling in coming to terms with their indentity, we hope that everyone has something to take away from this workshop.
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